Children's Nursery


Kingdom Covenant believes in ministering to the needs of every age group, including our littlest ones. Infants are a part of Kingdom Covenant’s Nursery, where we introduce our youngest church-goers to Christ in a safe and loving environment. Nursery care is provided during service times.




Kingdom Kids Toddler Ministry

Kingdom Kids

Kingdom Kids believes in preparing our young toddlers to recognize the very presence of God. They are taught to minister to Jesus through song and declaring God’s word. We know the promises of God and the gifts of the Spirit belong to our children also. They are never too young to begin to develop a hunger for the things of God. Our aim is to equip them for their encounter with our King. Our goal is to fuel passion for His presence in the heart of every child. We invite your toddlers to become a part of Kingdom Kids.



Upper Room Children's Ministry

Upper Room Kids

“The Upper Room” Children’s Ministry brings our children into an encounter with God, His works and His love. We aspire to bring the children into the very presence of the Lord through worship, as they make a heart-to-heart connection with God. We believe in teaching the children the gifts of the Spirit and how to operate in them. We aim to challenge our children every week with relevant Bible teaching. We instruct them on how recognize God’s voice and His actions in their lives. We invite your children to become a part of “The Upper Room Experience.”



Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry leaders aim to set a Jesus-centered culture in a loving and safe environment for our youth. Discipleship and growth in the gifts of the Spirit are at the forefront of this ministry. Worship, along with the Word and prayer help develop a balanced Christian walk. This youth group is for those who really have a desire to walk in the things of God. This is about a lifestyle of faith and a journey into solid discipleship. We prepare our youth to impact their world for Christ.



Kingdom Covenant School of Ministry

Youth Ministry

The School of Ministry is here to offer an opportunity to those who have a desire to encounter God in a deeper way. Our goal is to make radical disciples for Jesus Christ. We want to remove any preconceived ideas of who and what we think a Christian should be and replace it with a biblical picture of a fully-operational Christian.

Our graduates are fully equipped with the knowledge of the practical application in the following subjects:

  • How to study the Word of God
  • Biblical understanding of faith in God and His Word, with the ability to preach and teach to the Body of Christ
  • The laying on of hands for the sick
  • The healing and ministry to the brokenhearted
  • ¬†Evangelism and effective steps to reach the lost
  • ¬†Effective faith-filled prayer
  • How to start a 501c3 Ministry

We have great expectations that every intern will graduate with a heart that is hungering more for God than ever before. We are currently in session with our class of 2017. Applications will be available for our 2018 class in September.